About us

About Us


Cameron O'Connor

Cameron O’Connor was born in Raleigh, NC and graduated from Wheaton College in Illinois. He developed a fascination for homebuilding and remodeling when Hurricane Fran leveled his childhood home. Spending time with homebuilders and carpenters guided his future career path towards residential remodeling and new construction.

After moving to Charleston, Cameron began his professional career in site management and homebuilding. Cameron married his best friend in 2013, and together they enjoy outdoor activities and weekends with their Australian Shepherd, Delores, who can often be seen performing quality control and monitoring traffic patterns from the passenger seat of Cameron’s truck.

The team at O’Connor Homes has grown in size and skill to address all remodel and new construction needs. Collectively, the team can provide decades of experience in remodeling and historic preservation. Cameron strives to improve the quality of his clients’ homes and lives, to promote honesty and integrity within the residential construction field, and to provide the highest level of craftsmanship available.

Tyler Norton
Project Manager

Tyler Norton

Tyler was born and raised in the great state of Ohio, and joined the O’Connor Homes team in 2018. He earned his undergraduate degree from Ohio State, and brings with him a strong background in art and architecture

Along with 14 years of experience in residential construction. Tyler loves his family, his church, running, and the outdoors.

Project Manager

Jordan Noreika

Jordan Noreika was born and raised in Connecticut. After 16 years in the construction industry working for his family owned business he decided to make the move to Charleston and join the O’Connor homes team.

Jordan prides himself on his attention to detail, organization and overall quality of craftsmanship.

Jordan enjoys football, fishing and spending time with his wife, twins and Weimaraner checking out local breweries and exploring the outdoors.

Limiting Projects to Ensure We Never Overpromise

Limiting Projects to Ensure We Never Overpromise or

For quality control reasons, we intentionally only take on about four to six major projects a year. We make your project our top priority and always seek to give you our full attention, which we couldn’t do if we took on more than we could dedicate our resources to.

Our Philosophy

We approach homebuilding and remodeling with the intent to build a superior product while keeping costs low. At O’Connor Homes, we keep our overhead expenses tight so that we can pass the savings along to the customers who put their faith in us to deliver the high quality that we are known for.

Established Relationships in the Industry Equal Higher Degree of Quality Control

We also have established relationships with all of our subcontractors and care greatly about strong communication among our team as a whole. Our commitment to excellence is evident from our rave reviews and the satisfied customers who continue to give us both referrals and repeat business.