June 24th, 2022

Why Fight the Real Estate Craze? Hire a Remodeling Contractor with These 5 Qualities

As we quickly roll through June, the real estate market is still red-hot around the nation, particularly in the Charleston area. Never before has there been such limited inventory and so many people wanting to make the Holy City their home. If you have been in home-buying mode for a while, you have likely learned that finding anything at this time is problematic at best. Why not ditch the home search and find a company offering home remodeling in Charleston, SC? If you decide to fall in love again with your home by renovating, make sure to hire someone with these qualities!

Timing is Not Optional

One of the things we hear most frequently from people in the construction industry is frustration about the timeline expectations that are set and never delivered on by contractors. We understand both sides of the issue, but we have found a way to minimize issues that can quickly alter the timeline. In contracting, it is all about scheduling and foreseeing what you might encounter so you can adjust. Our experience gives us the foresight necessary to keep your renovation or restoration on track!

Speaking of Experience

A renovation is almost like creating a ten-course meal: each course depends on finishing up the one before. It is also about anticipating additional costs and hurdles that often arise. If you haven’t done many remodels before, it can seem like there are twists and turns around every corner. That might be fun in the movie theater, but not so much in real life! Our experience allows us to look at a situation and see all the potential pitfalls so we can adjust accordingly. It also limits the potential of us being blindsided by something unexpected! We know what to look for ahead of time instead of cleaning up afterward!

Fine Details

A renovation only looks as good as the care taken with it. Many contractors can build and renovate, but that doesn’t mean that they necessarily “see.” At O’Connor Homes, we understand that it is all about the finished product. You’ve invested a lot to get the renovation of your dreams. We do all that we can to ensure that it is done correctly and with all of those little niceties and upgrades that will make it spectacular!


As contractors, we focus on a job well done because it defines our reputation in the community. At O’Connor, we do the right thing because we are not only concerned about what our customers say about us; we also care greatly about them personally. We don’t take your trust for granted, and we will go to great lengths to ensure you are 100% satisfied!


A contractor is a contractor is a contractor, right? Well, not really! Just as a mechanic might only work on imports versus domestic cars, we are renovation specialists. It takes a different mindset to renovate and remodel versus building new. We have the training, expertise, and talent to ensure that we preserve the “cool” factor while upgrading and adding those little extras that people appreciate!If you are tired of losing out on listed homes, sometimes before they can even hit the market, then staying put and renovating your home might be the best option. At O’Connor Homes, we are experts at home remodeling in Charleston, SC, who put our hearts into every project we take on. It shows in the quality of our work and the glowing things that our clients have to say about us. Contact us to start your renovation project today!