December 24th, 2022

Resolve to Make 2023 Your Year to Remodel!

As we roll into 2023, many homeowners will resolve to make it the year they bite the bullet and commit to home remodeling in Charleston, SC. As the real estate market begins to slow down, many are finding that it is better to stay put and make their existing home more functional. If you have been sitting on the sidelines trying to decide whether to move or remodel, these are the benefits that you can gain from choosing to upgrade and remodel in the coming year.

Build Equity

Over the past couple of years, the real estate market has been on fire – which means that home prices soared as inventory remained low. If you are one of the many who saw an increase in your home’s value, why not ride that train all the way? Now is the perfect time to throw money into building equity in your home. In these uncertain economic times, the stock market and other investments are risky. Real estate is one of the few things that are tangible, which makes it a safer bet!

You Get to Stay Put

The problem that many people find when looking to move is that they are already established in the community where they live. If you work, have friends, and your kids go to school where you live and you like it there, then why would you want to uproot everyone and start over if you don’t have to? In real estate, it is all about location, location, location, and if you like yours, then don’t trade it for something else just to find a home that is more like what you want. If you have the room to add on or the floor plan to remodel, stay put and make your home what you want.

Remodeling Means You Get What You Want

No matter what home you buy, there are going to be things that you might not totally love. Instead of buying someone else’s home and settling, why not remodel your home and have it EXACTLY the way you want? A remodeled home is built to suit your needs, and you know exactly what you want if you have lived in the house long enough to know what you need to put where. It makes way more sense to either build or remodel than to buy another house that isn’t perfect in every way.

Fall in Love with Your Home

Did you settle by buying your home thinking that you would find what you wanted eventually and you were just tired of house hunting? You can fall in love with your home instead of another one – and spend the rest of your years not settling, but settled! We promise that when we are done remodeling your home, you will love every foot of it!

Moving…Well, Sucks!

Let’s face it: NO one likes to pack up and move! If you think that you will save money by buying and selling instead of remodeling and renovating, you likely aren’t taking into account things like the cost of moving and the stress of it – which is very costly!

As we move into 2023, many will resolve to put home remodeling in Charleston, SC on their to-do list. At O’Connor Homes, we guarantee that if you choose to remodel instead of move, you fall in love with your home, will continue to love your location, and will never settle – you will just be settled with the wonderful new home you created! Contact us today to get started!