Historic Restoration and Rehab

Historic Restoration and Rehab

Historic Restoration Charleston SC
Historic Charleston

Restoration and Rehab

The thing that makes Charleston such an amazing town is not just the wonderful people who live here, but also the architecture and historical homes. But although older homes are beautiful and come with so much style and sophistication, they aren’t easy to maintain or repair.

Things were built much differently a century ago, which can make it problematic to connect new construction materials and the way we do things now to the way they were done in the past.

We specialize in the complexities that come with historical residential and rehabilitation and have the skills and expertise to think creatively to find solutions.

Specialization From Start
to Finish

At O’Connor Homes, we have a well-established team of subcontractors that we work with exclusively. By using the same team from start to finish, we know that anyone who comes in on a subcontractor basis has the proper skills and knowledge to work on historic homes.

Being able to retrofit things like pipes and dealing with plaster are all specialized skills that take experience and knowledge. We ensure that anyone who touches your project has the right skill set to do so.

Restoration Historic Homes
Historic Restoration Budget and Schedule
Staying Within

Budget and Schedule

One of the biggest problems we see in the historic residential and rehab industry is that things can get off-budget and off-schedule easily if you don’t anticipate the little hiccups along the way.

Only a contractor who has experience and knowledge in historic restoration knows that every time you open up a wall, there is the potential of a significant and costly problem.

Because we have been doing this for a long time, we know how to work creatively, can foresee potential future problems, and we realize that things probably will not go smoothly. In restoration they rarely do - and we are always up for the challenge.

While our expertise lies in historic residential restoration and anticipating the challenges that come with it, we also recognize the broader concerns of homeowners, especially regarding healthcare costs. Many of our clients, while investing in their homes, are also concerned about managing other expenses, such as medications. For instance, a common question we encounter is about the cost of medications like Rybelsus (find out more details here), particularly for those without insurance. Acknowledging this concern, we provide guidance and resources to help homeowners navigate these additional financial challenges, ensuring they can maintain both their homes and their health without undue stress.

It Is the Little Things that Mean the Most

When it comes to historic residential rehab, it is the little things that make the biggest impression. We don’t come in with a bulldozer wanting to start new; our mission is to preserve as much of the charm and historical details that you cherish. When possible, we always seek to save rather than redo and to bring out the original appeal of your project instead of taking the easy road. In the end, we know the small details mean the most.