August 26th, 2022

New is, Well, Just New – Reasons to Build Your Dream Home

If you are like most potential homebuyers and feeling the sting of competition and low available inventory, then you might want to consider hiring new home builders in Charleston, like O’Connor Homes. New homes might take a lot of energy, but when they are done, you have exactly what you want. And you get a warranty that will limit your need for home repairs for the years ahead. Finally, you won’t have to worry about buying and still having to renovate or upgrade. These are just some of the reasons to forego the house hunt and find some property to get started!

Plan Exactly What You Want

When you buy a home, there are several things you can change to make it what you want. Floor plans are typically not easily changed, if they even can be, in an existing home. Wanting a master bedroom on the first floor or having all the bedrooms on the second floor are things that might be important to you. When you build new, you get to choose the layout and the flow of your home, which is a huge advantage over trying to make a home fit if it doesn’t.

New is New

Older homes are like buying older cars: there is always the potential for things to go wrong. When you buy a new home, you get new everything – from appliances to HVAC units. That means that you have several years before you have to worry about repair costs or the hassles that come from things breaking down. There is something very reassuring about having things warrantied so when they break, it isn’t on you!

Property Choice

When it comes to real estate, it is all about location, location, location. When you buy new, you get to choose the location where your new home will sit. Often, homeowners have to settle for a property or lot they aren’t exactly thrilled with because the home they buy suits their needs. But if you build new, if you want a corner lot, you’ve got it. If you want a certain configuration, you get to choose. There are just a lot more options when you build versus buying a pre-existing property!


When you buy a home, typically, you spend most of your budget on the home and the location. When you spend the money to get the house you want, there is often nothing left to upgrade. When you buy a home, you get all things new and get to prioritize what you want, upgrading as you choose instead of someone deciding ahead of time for you!

If you are like most homebuyers in this atmosphere, you might be experiencing burnout from high competition and low inventory. If you are ready to get off of the buying rollercoaster, switch gears and hire O’Connor Homes. We have the industry expertise and knowledge to build your home from scratch and provide you with all of the upgrades and details that mean the most. Contact us today to get started.