May 24th, 2022

Signs Your Carpenter Can Do It All!

Signs that a carpender do

Some jobs are all about the right training and education, while others require a lot of natural talent and skill. When it comes to carpentry work, yes, you have to know what you are doing, but even those who can read and pass a carpentry test aren’t always that masterful when put to the real test. The key to homebuilding, especially with historic renovations, is to be the artist of your carpentry trade. If you are going to start down the road of bringing history back to life, make sure that you hire the right Charleston carpentry company with not just the experience and knowledge but also the God-given talent to get it right, no matter what it is!

Problem-Solving Skills are a MUST!

When it comes to carpentry, problem-solving skills are a must. Carpentry is all about building and spatial vision, but it also takes a lot of problem-solving, especially for historic renovations. A carpenter who specializes in historic renovations differs from a new home builder in the sense that they are going to run into many situations where they have to figure out how to fix or overcome many obstacles. The carpenter you hire should be able to approach a situation from many angles and find solutions where others will likely find roadblocks!


The beauty and charm of a historic home rests in the artistry and mastery from yesteryear. Previous generations didn’t have the same automation that we have today, so things had to be done by hand. That meant that a carpenter had to be a master of his trade, as well as an artist. When approaching a historic renovation, you need a carpenter who can mimic or enhance things that were done before to make sure that it all matches. Not many carpenters can hand-create molding and millwork from the olden days; it truly is an art that takes extreme attention to detail, patience, and natural talent.


Restoring something isn’t about building from scratch. A new home build comes with plans that you have to follow, materials that are cut to suit, and a playbook of how to get from start to finish. Historic renovations are different. It takes a lot of patience to take the time to get it right when a project doesn’t come with an automatic or clear solution. It might take several cuts, different ways of looking at a problem, and the perseverance to get it right instead of just “getting it done.” Those are not common traits for people in this day and age. If you can find a carpenter with that type of staying power, you are golden.

Investing in the Right Tools

It isn’t just about the right tools; it is also about knowing what they are and how to use them. A skilled carpenter can cut time by having the right tools, but they also have to know what the right ones are. It takes more than going to Home Depot or Lowe’’s to get what you need in a jam; being a truly skilled carpenter involves investing in what you need to make your artistry come to life. A carpenter who can do it all not only knows how to do it; they know what tools they need to create the best.

Being a carpenter requires a certain level of training and skill, but to do it all, you also have to have a natural-born talent for problem-solving, have the necessary patience, and see solutions where others see roadblocks. If you are looking for the best carpenter crew in Charleston, look no further than O’Connor Homes. We not only know how to make your new home build vision a reality; we also know how to make your restoration project be exactly what you want it to be, using attention to detail, skill, talent, and a desire to provide those unique and awesome details that you just don’t find in home-building anymore. Contact us today to bring your vision or revision to life!