October 17th, 2022

Five Common Frustration Issues You Will Likely Encounter While Building Your Home

Building is a great choice for many who want a move-in-ready home with all the options and upgrades, but it does not come without some hassles and challenges. The key to your home build is in the planning details, but even for the most prepared builders out there, some things are simply out of your control. Our Charleston home builders do all that we can to limit frustration, but these are the most common things that you might encounter.

Construction Might Not Start Immediately

When it comes to actually putting the shovel to the ground, there are sometimes delays that you can’t anticipate. Things like building permits, approvals, and other administrative channels can always take longer than expected and delay the construction process. If you find a builder who is an excellent communicator, some of those frustrations might be reasonably managed, but it isn’t always something that can be rushed.

How Much Can That Cost?

When you’re building a home, every little decision you make has a price tag attached to it. Homeowners often think “how much can that really cost?” and are shocked when the cost of their home build is considerably more than they budgeted. If you want features upgraded, it is going to cost more. Make sure that you are being realistic about what you need and what you want, and about determining the difference between the two.

Changes Can Cost You in Money and Time

When you make a significant change and are okay with the charge, remember that it will also delay your timeline and lead to your home not being done on time. Any change to the schedule can affect every other moving piece. A builder has a set timeline for subcontractors, delivery dates, and things like renting equipment and machinery. If you change one thing, you should expect it to affect all things, not just your wallet.

Decision Fatigue is a Real Thing

It is really exciting at the beginning of your home building planning process to think about all the choices you have available and at the start, you probably have the energy to weigh the options and come up with a decision. After months of construction, living out of a suitcase, and having to make so many choices, though, you will probably get burned out. Try to keep that in mind throughout the process, because the last thing you want to do is not have an opinion about the finishing touches. They are the last decisions you need to make and likely the ones that will haunt you the most if you rush to decide or are just indifferent at that stage.

Weather Doesn’t Always Cooperate

Among the many variables that you have to consider are weather issues. In South Carolina, things like the rainy and hurricane seasons can put a significant dent in your timeline and there isn’t anything that anyone can do. If you try to work around it – or worse, through it – then you just might end up having a roof open to the elements or other things that can lead to damage to your construction and set you back in both budget and time.

Building a new home is exciting, and it also affords you the ability to get what you want exactly as you want it. It does not, however, come without challenges. At O’Connor Homes, we do all that we can to limit your construction frustrations, but there will always be those little hiccups that are out of our control. We will do all that we can to keep things on time and on schedule, and we have the experience to limit the bumps along the way to building your dream home. Contact us today to get started!